Company Background

ffh Management Services, or ffh, based in Dublin, Ireland is a member of the Fairfax Group of companies. Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited is a holding company based in Canada and listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange which, through it’s subsidiaries, is principally engaged in property and casualty insurance and reinsurance and the associated investment management activities.

The ffh team has its origins in the management of a reinsurance entity established by Fairfax in Dublin in 1997 and leverages the strong experience and competencies built up over time to provide a broad range of valuable services to others in the Group. ffh is registered with the Central Bank of Ireland to undertake insurance & reinsurance mediation.

In recent years ffh has developed a shared services model which accommodates the ever changing and growing needs of the Fairfax group across all our service offerings. The strategic goals of this Shared Services model are:

  • To ensure quality and reliable technology functionality in all aspects of our service delivery.
  • To keep people integral to our actions and goals to support the growth of our company.
  • To keep our clients central to all we do, through our client engagement processes and focus.
  • To commit to on-going process improvement which will deliver service excellence.

We currently provide services to over 50 Fairfax companies across more than 12 locations worldwide.

Meet the Team