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Underwriting Analysis

With our established systems and processes, our experienced reinsurance team provide a range of services to our Fairfax clients including:

  • Preparation of quarterly underwriting results.
  • Commentary on key results and drivers.
  • Underwriting budgets and re-forecasts.


Managing Cedant Business

We review and manage the contract documentation for Fairfax and third party cedants on behalf of our clients, including:

  • Coordinating all new and renewing contracts.
  • Processing quarterly cession data and managing ongoing collateral requirements.
  • Assuming responsibility for delivery of quarterly results for the “FIRV” (internal Fairfax Group reinsurance program).

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Actuarial Services

Working as part of the Fairfax Group’s Actuarial Team, our services include:

  • Completion of quarterly actuarial review for various Fairfax companies.
  • Provision of actuarial assistance to new companies in the Fairfax Group.