Client Application Services

We provide a Financial Reporting platform tailored for Fairfax reporting requirements. We provide our clients with:

  • More time to focus on critical business matters by allowing our bespoke technology platform to meet their group reporting, local statutory reporting and reinsurance needs.
  • Sustained savings because of the economies of scale from our technology platform, our Fairfax oriented processes and the sharing of best practices.


Business Process Review

We evaluate current business practices through analysis of people, process and technology:

  • We eliminate waste through our commitment to consistency and continuous improvement cycles.
  • We offer clients new functionality and leaner processes through the constant critique and improvement of our technology platform and work practices.

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Technology Advisory

We provide bespoke Technology Advisory services to meet business challenges, which benefits clients through:

  • Delivery of tangible business value by evaluating how IT strategy can be optimised to align with business goals.
  • Mitigating risks in project delivery or technology investment through our proven methodologies and sharing of Fairfax thought leadership.
  • Improving security, stability, performance and continuity of business operations through our commitment to ISO27001 and industry best practices.